Interested in becoming a member or renewing a membership? SWWBIA offers three classes of membership:

Active Member: Any person who serves as a code official of a Wisconsin municipality, unit of local government or State Agency. Active Members may vote, hold office on the Executive Committee, chair committees and participate in any manner afforded to other classes of membership. [$40 annual dues]

Associate Member: Any person who has an interest in pursuing the purposes and objectives of SWWBIA, but who is not eligible to become an Active Member. Associate Members may serve on committees, speak at meetings and share the benefits of SWWBIA membership. Associate Members may not vote, hold office, or chair a committee. [$40 annual dues]

Honorary Member: Any person who has retired from service as a code official to whom an honorarium has been conferred upon for outstanding service to the organization or toward the attainment of its purposes and objectives. Honorary Members may vote, but shall not be eligible to hold elected office, are not eligible for certain benefits (such as scholarships), and shall not be subject to payment of dues.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise you may download a membership application by clicking here.